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About Us


HRF is a Human Rights Group ; associated by human rights defenders, peoples associations, civil society organizations, civil rights groups and issue-based forums of non-political, non-sectarian and non-governmental nature.

HRF owes its existence to the concerted efforts by a group of dedicated Human Rights Defenders having strong conviction to Human Rights standards set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The forum actively engaged in promoting the culture of human rights, advocating to secure the well being, freedom and dignity of the human being inline of the International Principles, Mechanisms and of the National Laws.

Aims of HRF: HRF as a Human Rights Chest is working for the rights of the vulnerable segments of the society.It believes to create the spirit of activism, identify core intervention and mutual beneficial complementary role brings us closer to other groups working towards a human rights friendly Society.

Vision: A Human Rights Friendly Society

Mission: To strive for a Human Rights Friendly Society



Guiding Values & principles:


HRF presently engaged in:

  1. Reaching out to people whose basic human rights are violated, counsel them and provide facilitation support to get appropriate justice.
  2. Runs a State Level Human Rights Training, Index Monitoring and Resource Center,
  3. Organizes Awareness, Sensitizations, Seminars and Workshops for targeted social groups and masses in general.
  4. Creating a Statewide Network of Human Rights Defenders, by imparting training and awarding recognitions.
  5. Conducts meaningful dialogues with the government to formulation of policies and execution of programs and projects, maintaining human rights standards, in appropriateness to the national standards and international mechanisms.
  6. Advocating for “Development Rights as Basic Human Rights”.
  7. legal aid to poor & vulnerable groups of people.
  8. Fact Finding & Monitoring of HR violation cases.
  9. Media Advocacy


Working in Collaboration With:

  1. National Human Rights Commission
  2. Odisha Human Rights Commission
  3. National Commission for Women
  4. Odisha State Commission for Women
  5. Ekta Parishad
  6. People’s Vigilance Committee for Human Rights
  7. Peoples Watch
  8. Human Rights Law Network
  9. Committee for Legal Aid to Poor


Future Plans: HRF, having its strong footage in the field of protection and promotion of human rights in the state of Odisha, plans to undertake a few more activities in the years to come, over and above to its ongoing activities.

  1. Expanding the scope of “State Human Rights Resource & Training Center”,
  2. Massive campaigns for “Development Rights as Basic Human Rights” of every individual.
  3. Organization of Annual “People’s Friendly Human Rights Festivals”.